Cylinder Candle 7.5 inc
with Gift Box


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Cylinder Candle Set includes:

Clear Glass Cylinder Vase 3.5″D x 7.5″H

16 oz. (454g) of “Lova” Wax (fill up the vase 2/3)
White Color

Wick 2″ – 10 pcs


Black Tube



– Luxury and aesthetic – pearly white wax and minimalistic cylinders 

– Reusable – new candle every time

– 100% plant based, eco-friendly and petroleum free

– Healthy alternative to paraffin and soy wax, hypoallergenic

– Customizable – add your favorite fragrance

How are Lova Candles different from paraffin wax candles?

  1. Lova Candles is a clean, elegant and safe candlelight. Customize your candle by choosing a vessel and a fragrance that you can change every time you like!
  2. Lova Candles burn clean – do not drip, soot or smell
  3. They will self extinguish on tipping 
  4. Your guests will be WOWed by this unusual but timeless candles
  5. Purchase or rent our candles for the weekend or longer
  6. Choose natural and healthy and join the world candle trend with Lova!

Kindly follow instructions included with your purchase to care for your candles.


All glass products are handmade, each is unique in its own way. The weight and internal volume of each candlestick may differ from the one indicated on the website up or down. The data are indicative, for approximate calculations. Small bubbles, irregularities, turbidity of individual areas may occur on the products, which is not a damage or a defect.


Private use only!
For commercial license please click here.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 in


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with Gift Box”

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