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  Lova team creates breathtaking candle experiences for any type of event. Hundreds of luxury candles with real or artificial lights set the romantic and magical atmosphere.

  • Our service is all-inclusive for a no-headache experience
  • Lova candles are plant based, eco friendly and clean
  • We can light up anything – ceremony aisles, tables, stages, backdrops, stairs etc
  • Quick quote, friendly communication and timely setup – guaranteed

WOW your guests and clients with extraordinary candlelight. Contact us now!



 Imagine the atmosphere on your big day – the flickering light of elegant candles create romantic ambiance.

Your guests are wowed by the design and taking so many pictures. Your photos come out absolutely amazing as everyone is looking great in candlelight.

This is the result we achieve for every event!

Romantic & Luxurious

Do you want to have romantic and luxurious candlelit atmosphere at your event?

  Click here to learn more how I will create a WOW-factor candle setup for your event.

My packages range from $1000 – $5000, with the most popular package being $2400.

Use this FORM to request a detailed quote (to get started) or contact me directly with any questions



We use plant based wax and extra tall vases to create  unique candlelight decor for your event. Lova team will deliver, install, attend and then dismantle the candles and provide a “no headache” experience for your big day!  


make your girlfriends jealous

 Let all your guests remember your special day! Choose Lova candlelight for your wedding you get ready to be asked “oh my, I’ve never seen anything like this before!”. Combination of fully natural material and unusual form of presentation will create a wow effect




Wedding isles, centerpieces or stairs – we can light up anything! We can make any candle you wish – big, small, traditional or unique with multiple wicks. As well as combine multiple height vases to create rich and luxurious candlelight atmosphere.

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My Name is Julia Lova

At my own wedding back in 2017 I had a luxury of a real fireplace and real fire candles that added special “warmth” to the event.

Fire is a symbol of eternity and forever. its warm glow attracts and gets people together.

I wanted people to have real candlelight at their wedding and event , that is elegant, healthy and safe.

So I brought the concept of granulated candles to the USA from Europe – luxury real fire candles that make a statement while creating warmth and comfortable atmosphere at your most special event

Our mission is to bring people together to share happy moments with the loved ones.

Choose Healthy and Natural and give a try to our Candle Sand!

*Lova Candles is a woman owned and operated small business based in Florida, USA.

With love,
Julia Lova


Candle Sets

A prepared set of vases of different heights with granular wax and wicks. Different stylish designs.

Rental Service

We have sizes in the catalog from 5″ to 35″ in height. All sizes are in stock.

Wax only

You can purchase Wax for one or more candles for test or everyday interior.

Our History

Collaborated with:

Best for you

What do you get
when ordering the design of bulk candles?

Top quality materials

100% eco palm wax, thick glass vases, self-extinguishable candles

Fast cost calculation

After getting acquainted with the site, we will offer design solutions within one day.

Always on time

We have our own delivery service. We immediately go to the site, and do not wait for a third-party service.

Call or email us


Lova Candles


minimalistic and clean look


crispy white color


no soot or smell, no carcinogens


candle always looks like new


will not cause or catch fire


take shape of any container / vase

Easy to use

no dripping , hot wax or cleanup


100% vegan palm wax, paraffin free


burn entirely, leave no waste

Best for you

We guarantee

Complete preparation of candles for work

You will get perfectly clean vases and snow-white granules. High filling by 2/3.

Delivery exactly at the appointed time

Delivery to the site there and back, installation and dismantling

Transparency of the estimate price

The cost of the work will not change by a cent. We assume all financial risks.