How Much Do Your Candles Cost for the Average Couple? (DIY options)

Candlelight has a unique ability to create a romantic ambiance, drawing couples closer together in moments of intimacy and relaxation. With the rise of e-commerce, finding the perfect candles for these cherished moments has become more convenient than ever. Couples can now explore a wide array of candles online, each offering its own blend of warmth and style to enhance their special occasions.

In this article, we’ll explore the factors that influence candle pricing, enabling couples to make informed decisions about their candle purchases. From material quality to unique designs, we’ll look at the elements that contribute to the cost of candles for the average couple. Additionally, we will examine how the candle pricing calculator assists in determining the candle pricing system for the Candle Pearls™️

Factors Influencing Candle Pricing:

Material Quality and Sourcing:

The quality of materials used in candle production, such as wax and wicks, significantly impacts pricing. High-quality, sustainably sourced materials may result in higher costs but offer better burn times and overall performance.

Ability to Reuse the Candles:
Not every candle can be reused or will look good. Candle Pearls™️ can be reused for a new-candle-every-time experience. This significantly reduces your candle cost per occasion.

Size and Burn Time Considerations:

The size of a candle and its estimated burn time are key factors in determining pricing. Larger candles or those with longer burn times typically come with higher price tags, as they provide extended enjoyment for couples. Candle Pearls™️ along with the specially designed wick burn for 12 hours with a high stable flame.

Market Trends Affecting Candle Pricing:

Market trends, such as seasonal demand and industry innovations, can influence candle pricing. Limited edition releases, popular fragrance trends, and eco-friendly initiatives may contribute to fluctuations in candle prices.Candle Pearls™️ ️ are considered to be the hottest trend of 2024.

Understanding Candle Cost Calculation for Candle Pearls™️

a. Candle Pricing Calculator – How It Works?

The candle pricing calculator simplifies the process of determining the cost of making candles for your event or project. By entering data into the white cells, such as vase diameter, fill height, total number of candles needed and wax candle cost, the calculator automatically calculates the amount of wax needed per vase in pounds. This tool streamlines the calculation process, providing accurate estimates for your candle needs.

b. How Much Does It Cost to Make a Candle?

Calculating the cost of making a candle involves considering various factors, including the price of wax, wick, and other materials. The candle pricing calculator helps determine the overall cost per candle by factoring in the price per bag of wax and the number of candles needed. This calculation ensures that you have a clear understanding of the expenses involved in candle production, allowing for effective budgeting and planning.

c. Factors to Consider in Candle Cost Calculation

When using the candle pricing calculator, it’s essential to consider factors such as vase diameter, fill height as they directly impact the amount of wax needed per candle. Additionally, choosing the right container size and fill height ensures safety and ease of cleanup, as recommended by the calculator. By taking these factors into account, you can accurately determine the cost of making candles and make informed decisions for your candle-making projects.

Examples of Candle Pricing Scenarios

To give you a better understanding of how candle pricing is calculated using our candle pricing calculator, let’s walk through some sample scenarios.

Scenario 1: Small Centerpiece Candles

  • Step 1: Vase Diameter (in): 3 inches
  • Step 2: Fill Height (in): 2.5 inches
  • Step 3: Total # of Candles: 10


  • Wax per Vase (lb): 0.25
  • Wax Needed (lb): 2.5

In this scenario, for a small centerpiece candle with a vase diameter of 3 inches and a fill height of 2.5 inches, using 10 candles will only use 2.5 lbs of Candle Pearls™️.

The best package to purchase for this project would be an 11lbs box at $99.99 including wicks and delivery and it will make 44 of the candles described above.

Scenario 2: Extra Large Decorative Candles

  • Step 1: Vase Diameter (in): 5 inches
  • Step 2: Fill Height (in): 10 inches
  • Step 3: Total # of Candles: 15


  • Wax per Vase (lb): 3.675
  • Wax Needed (lb): 55.1lbs

In this scenario, for larger decorative candles with a vase diameter of 5 inches and a fill height of 10 inches will use 55 lbs of Candle Pearls™️.

The best package to purchase for this project would be 55lbs bulk bag at $249.99 including wicks and delivery.
The same bag will make 60 large pillar sized candles.

These sample calculations demonstrate how our candle pricing calculator can help you estimate the cost of candles based on various factors such as vase size, fill height, burn time, and wax cost.


In summary, candle pricing is influenced by various factors such as material quality and sourcing, unique features and designs, size and burn time considerations, and market trends affecting candle prices. Taking all these factors into account, we have developed a calculator that allows you to estimate the pricing of your pearled candle needs. The transparency we provide in our pricing sets us apart. Couples can easily check the pricing details using our candle pricing calculator and make informed decisions regarding candle costs.

Why Choose Candle Pearls™️ for your Pearled Candles?

At Candle Pearls™️ we prioritize quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Our 100% plant based granules, do not soot, smoke or smell providing the best aesthetic and exquisite designs, ensuring a luxurious experience for couples. With transparent pricing and a commitment to excellence, Candle Pearls™️ is the ideal choice for creating memorable moments at home.


1. How are your candles priced for couples differently?  

Our candles are priced for couples differently based on factors such as preferred size and amount to create a romantic ambiance. We offer a range of packaging options to suit various preferences and budgets. 

2. What factors contribute to the pricing of your candles?  

Our Candle Pearls™️ are made with the premium palm wax, leaving no soot or residue on containers. Over 90% of the candle is reused for the next occasion. Thus making Candle Perlas™️ a more economical option that traditional candles. 

3. Can I find budget-friendly options without compromising quality?  Absolutely! The best budget – friendly option is to purchase Candle Pearls™️ and make your own candles. Another option is to rent the candles from Lova CandlesⓇ (available in FL, NY and NJ states) or in other locations you may suggest to your florist to create these candles for you using our premium Candle Pearls™️.

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