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 Monthly services for the hospitality industry include set up and maintenance of all the materials.

 This service is very convenient for restaurants, hotels, and spas, that use candles daily and in large quantities. Our service includes one-time purchase of the glass vases (your custom logo or name engraved on the glass is an option).

 We provide wicks and granules to sustain the candles in daily use. Based on your volume, different options are available for a fixed monthly fee and one-time purchase.

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Take the LovaCandles franchise and get experience, life hacks and all the math that you can use by renting out candles for various events.

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Entering your restaurant, guests will be greeted by a pleasant and warm luxury atmosphere.

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Thanks to the Lova Candles, your lobby hotel will become more premium and visually create an atmosphere of luxury.


The flickering of a real fire in beautiful tall candles will create an unforgettable experience in SPA.

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