About Us


My Name is Julia Lova

At my own wedding back in 2017 I had a luxury of a real fireplace and real fire candles that added special “warmth” to the event.

Fire is a symbol of eternity and forever. its warm glow attracts and gets people together.

I wanted people to have real candlelight at their wedding and event , that is elegant, healthy and safe.

So I brought the concept of granulated candles to the USA from Europe – luxury real fire candles that make a statement while creating warmth and comfortable atmosphere at your most special event

Our mission is to bring people together to share happy moments with the loved ones.

Choose Healthy and Natural and give a try to our Candle Sand!

*Lova Candles is a woman owned and operated small business based in Florida, USA.

With love,
Julia Lova

About Us

Who We Are

  Lova team creates breathtaking candle experiences for any type of event. Hundreds of luxury candles with real or artificial lights set the romantic and magical atmosphere.

  • Our service is all-inclusive for a no-headache experience
  • Lova candles are plant based, eco friendly and clean
  • We can light up anything – ceremony aisles, tables, stages, backdrops, stairs etc
  • Quick quote, friendly communication and timely setup – guaranteed

WOW your guests and clients with extraordinary candlelight. Contact us now!

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