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Enter data into White cells, calculations appear in the Black cells.

Step 1 – VASE DIAMETER (in): Input the vase diameter(s) that you’re looking to fill in inches.

Step 2 – FILL HEIGHT (in): Input the vase fill height(s) in inches. (We recommend 1/2 or 2/3 of the vase)

Step 3 – TOTAL # OF CANDLES: Input the number of vases you’re looking to fill of that size.

Step 4 – BURN TIME (h): Input the number of hours you expect the candles to burn during the event. Please note our wicks are designed to burn for up to 10 hours.

Step 5 – LOVA WAX CANDLE COST: Input the price per Bag. If you received a wholesale price, feel free to update this pricing.

*We recommend a 3.5″ minimum vase diameter & fill height to keep the melt pool from reaching the cylinder. This is for fire safety and for easy cleanup (nothing sticks to the glass).
3.5″ or wider container is recommended and at least a 2/3 fill. It will allow for easier cleanup.

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